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monuments of upper Egypt has ●put each important ruin in charge ▓of a guardian, and denies admittance to all who ●leave Cairo without a ticket issued by the ●society.The price thereof

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unticketed, an▓d paused to peer through the ▓bars for a glimpse of the much-heralded i

nteri●or.On the ground before the barri▓er squatted a sleek, well-fed native.● He rose and announced himself as the guard;● but made no attempt to drive m


e of●f. “You don’t see much from ▓here,” he said, in Arabic, as I turned ▓away.“Have you alr

eady seen the temple Or p●erhaps you have no ticket” “La, ma feesh,▓” I replied; “therefore I must sta●y outside.” “Ah! Then you ar▓e no tourist” smiled the native●.“Are you English” “Aywa,” I● answered, for the Arabic te●r

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m “inglesi” covers all who speak that?/p>

?tongue, “but no tourist, merely● a workingman.” “Ah,” ▓sighed t

he guard, “too bad you are a●n inglesi then; for if you spoke French, t▓he supe

rintendent of the excavati▓ons is a

good friend of workingmen.▓ But he speaks no English.” “Where sha

ll I ▓find him” “In the office just over th▓e hill, there.” I took the

direct▓ion indicated, and came upon

a t●emporary structure, before which an ag▓ed European sat motionless

in a rockin●g chair.224About him was scattered a ▓miscellaneous collection of s

tatues, b▓roken and whole. “Are you

the supe▓rintendent, sir” I asked, in French. ▓ The octogenarian fro

wned, but answer▓ed not a word.I repeated the quest▓ion in a louder voice. “

Va▓ t’en!” shrieked the old man, gras

ping▓ a heavy cane that leaned against his ch▓air and shaking it feebly

at m▓e.“Go away! You’re a beggar.I know you are▓.” Evidently the fourth la

yer o●f shirt bosom, uncovered spec

ially● for the occasion, had failed ▓in its mission.I pleaded a case o

▓f mistaken identity.The aged Fre●nchman watched me with the half-close●d eyes